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Postcard. Fragment of the mosaic mural "Youth". Enn Põldroos, 1969 (96 x 150 mm)

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TalTech campus, which has seen many extensions and innovations, was 60 years ago the first inhabitant of Mustamäe between yet undeveloped sand dunes. Despite the innovations, there are still details of the original building, if you start looking for them. One such example is Enn Põldroos's mosaic "Youth", which covers the entire wall.

The postcard shows a fragment of Enn Põldroos's mosaic "Youth". The mosaic panorama is a colorful composition with an artistic design characteristic of the era of the Estonian painter Enn Põldroos. The mosaic was made in 1969 and is located on the wall of the lobby of the TalTech main building.

Bookmark dimensions: 96 x 150 mm